so…… just a quick note to introduce my first single, ‘like i never was at all’… it’s up on my sites etc now so hopefully you’ve had a chance to check it out and are digging it. I’ll be doing some shows to launch it so it’d be awesome to see you if you’re able to come along and help me celebrate my foray into solo land. Also the rest of the EP is almost done now, mainly just a few touch ups and mixing to go. It’ll be called ‘too long in flight’ and should see the light of day very early next year. I’ve taken the title from a line in the song ‘ambulance’ …”now i sit and wait through the night, like a weary bird too long in flight.”
I’m really happy with the way it’s turned out… steve, joe, dave, matt and michael did some amazing work on the songs, as did cam the producer. Guest vocalists Yuko Nishiyama and Krista Polvere lent me their beautiful voices too. I guess I’ve chosen ‘like i never was at all’ to go out first because i feel like its the most different from my work with Epicure and i felt that was important for my first solo release. I also feel like musically its close to the direction i’ll take when writing for the album… anyway… over and out for now. hope you’re liking the sounds i’ve been making, and that i can catch some of you at the upcoming shows.

Later alligator x

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