Too Long In Flight – Review

Juan Alban
‘Too Long In Flight’

Too Long In Flight, the latest EP from former Epicure frontman Juan Alban, is one solid set of songs.  Since the farewell tour of Epicure, Juan has been hard at work on his first solo release.  If there was to be another Epicure album, these tracks would most likely have featured on the release.  From the opening guitar riff of ‘Circle the Wagons’ to the pulsating rhythms in ‘Like I Never Was At All’, the first time I put on this CD I was hooked.  I was greatly impressed by the variety of sounds.  Being a guitar player, the first thing that grabbed my attention was the lead guitarist’s hot licks in ‘Circle the Wagons’.  Whilst Matt Vance keeps a solid beat behind the drums, Joe Cope creates a bluesy boogie on the organ to create an overall big sound.  Although the first single off the EP is ‘Like I Never Was At All’, the best song (in my opinion) is ‘Ambulance’.  The rollicking rhythm section combined with the Neil Young-esque lead guitar lines gives the impression that the live show of this particular track will be nothing but spectacular.  The debut album is a while away yet, but this should cure your hunger for the meantime.

Tex Miller – Forte

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