Sad songs rule …

So I’m heading out to do a few solo shows around Victoria in June and July … Testing out some new songs and hoping to get a feel for which of them I should record for the album.

At the moment I’m hoping to be recording soon, with a single out septemberish. The new material is pretty different… I’ve purposefully been trying to take my songwriting new places, which of course is irrelevant really, but the intent is there.

Some new song titles include ‘a death in the family’, ‘can’t live’, ‘hope like a fool (all made up)’, ‘insides’ and ‘gallows’. As u can imagine it’s all very cheerful … Although in a weird kinda way it is…? So please come along and check them out.

Some great guests, mostly picked by yours truly, and possibly some special guests up on stage for my set.

Sad songs rule,

Juan x

One Response to Sad songs rule …

  1. Dave anderson June 1, 2011 at 6:10 pm #

    The sadder the better ; ) looking forward to hearing more material!