Superhuman …

Superhuman is the new single from singer/songwriter, Juan Alban.

Juan is currently recording his debut, solo album with producer David Manton. Superhuman is the second single release from the album sessions, following on from the 2011 release of ‘A Death in the Family’.

Superhuman is launched with one show only at The Toff In Town on April 29th before Juan heads back to the studio to continue recording.

Superhuman is out April 27th.

Listen at Soundcloud.

Watch on Youtube.

“Superhuman is about punching the clock.
It’s about treading water.
And unattainable aspirations.
Needing what feels like superhuman strength to get out of bed in the morning. Wishing u were immune to insecurity, jealousy etc.
Saving. Being saved.
Not feeling like you’re playing catch up all the time. One thing after another. Forever till you die. A moments rest. Legs that stumble. Lips that lie. Teeth that crumble at the bite. Superhuman.”

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