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hey there folks …

hey there folks…

Just a quick lil’ somethin’ to introduce my new single ‘Superhuman’… It’s another cut from the album I’m working on at the moment.  I really love the way this song turned out… all the peaceful defeat I could muster in the verses… and the wall of sound in the chorus’, which to me sound like the end of the world.  Like being hit by one of those tidal waves you see in disaster films.  Oh… and a horn section.  Listen with headphones and you’ll see what I mean.

Special thanks to Yuko and Brendan for once again lending me their exquisite vocal talents.  And to Dave Manton for his rare production genius.  I don’t say that lightly.  I couldn’t imagine recording the album with anyone else now.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the song… and that I see some of you at the single launch on April 29….

till then x

Superhuman …

Superhuman is the new single from singer/songwriter, Juan Alban.

Juan is currently recording his debut, solo album with producer David Manton. Superhuman is the second single release from the album sessions, following on from the 2011 release of ‘A Death in the Family’.

Superhuman is launched with one show only at The Toff In Town on April 29th before Juan heads back to the studio to continue recording.

Superhuman is out April 27th.

Listen at Soundcloud.

Watch on Youtube.

“Superhuman is about punching the clock.
It’s about treading water.
And unattainable aspirations.
Needing what feels like superhuman strength to get out of bed in the morning. Wishing u were immune to insecurity, jealousy etc.
Saving. Being saved.
Not feeling like you’re playing catch up all the time. One thing after another. Forever till you die. A moments rest. Legs that stumble. Lips that lie. Teeth that crumble at the bite. Superhuman.”


Juan is back in the studio recording with producer, Dave Manton.

The new single ‘Superhuman’ will be unveiled very soon along with some tour dates to announce.

iTunes Single of the Week

A Death in the Family is this week’s iTunes Single of the Week in Australia and New Zealand.

You can download the track for free at iTunes here until January 2nd.


Thurs Jan 12 – Northcote Social Club, Melbourne VIC

A Death in the Family

Hi there…  I Just wanted to say a few words to introduce my new single ‘A Death in the Family’. It’s out October 28th and is a little teaser for the album I’ve been working on, which should be released early next year.
I wrote the song earlier this year after a member of my partner’s family passed away. Lyrically it’s basically just a description of how events transpired. Little observations on how the family dealt with their loss, and how Philamena Hyland was farewelled. I feel a little conflicted about trivializing the event into a song but offer it up as a tribute to her and her family. The love and closeness of the family that I witnessed will stay with me forever.
I’m also aware that the Ballarat community recently lost someone who was a dear friend and mentor, the late Patrick O’Driscoll. I hope the timing of this song’s release doesn’t feel ill timed in that regard. In a recent conversation with my friend Dan, he remarked that it felt very strange that no musician in Ballarat would ever get to show Paddy any of their new songs again. Paddy was that kind of person to so many. The person who you wanted to show your new music to, to try to impress him, to get his feedback. To hear him say ‘the boy goes alright!’ His opinion and respect was so highly valued by everyone who knew him. Myself included. I hope that he can hear this new song wherever he is. If only to have a chuckle at my attempts to play the banjo.
R.I.P Paddy and Phil x

A Death in the Family

‘A Death in the Family’ is the new single from Juan Alban.  It’s officially released on October 28th.

Produced by Dave Manton (Gossling, Downhills Home), the single is Juan’s second solo release following on from his debut EP, Too Long In Flight released earlier this year.

You can read a little about the song at Juan’s blog and have listen and download at Triple J Unearthed.  Feel free to add to the reviews section …

“I have a real affinity for melancholic songs, and this one is incredibly beautiful”
5/5 – Dom Alessio

Listen to A Death in the Family