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Sad songs rule …

So I’m heading out to do a few solo shows around Victoria in June and July … Testing out some new songs and hoping to get a feel for which of them I should record for the album.

At the moment I’m hoping to be recording soon, with a single out septemberish. The new material is pretty different… I’ve purposefully been trying to take my songwriting new places, which of course is irrelevant really, but the intent is there.

Some new song titles include ‘a death in the family’, ‘can’t live’, ‘hope like a fool (all made up)’, ‘insides’ and ‘gallows’. As u can imagine it’s all very cheerful … Although in a weird kinda way it is…? So please come along and check them out.

Some great guests, mostly picked by yours truly, and possibly some special guests up on stage for my set.

Sad songs rule,

Juan x

Victorian Shows

Juan has been demoing new songs with Steve Clifford over the last few weeks.  You can hear some of these when he hits the road for a run of shows kicking off in June…

Saturday June 18
North Fitzroy

Friday June 24

Friday  July 1

Too Long In Flight – Review

Juan Alban
‘Too Long In Flight’

Too Long In Flight, the latest EP from former Epicure frontman Juan Alban, is one solid set of songs.  Since the farewell tour of Epicure, Juan has been hard at work on his first solo release.  If there was to be another Epicure album, these tracks would most likely have featured on the release.  From the opening guitar riff of ‘Circle the Wagons’ to the pulsating rhythms in ‘Like I Never Was At All’, the first time I put on this CD I was hooked.  I was greatly impressed by the variety of sounds.  Being a guitar player, the first thing that grabbed my attention was the lead guitarist’s hot licks in ‘Circle the Wagons’.  Whilst Matt Vance keeps a solid beat behind the drums, Joe Cope creates a bluesy boogie on the organ to create an overall big sound.  Although the first single off the EP is ‘Like I Never Was At All’, the best song (in my opinion) is ‘Ambulance’.  The rollicking rhythm section combined with the Neil Young-esque lead guitar lines gives the impression that the live show of this particular track will be nothing but spectacular.  The debut album is a while away yet, but this should cure your hunger for the meantime.

Tex Miller – Forte

Too long in flight and these feathers grow heavy ..

Too long in flight and these feathers grow heavy… That’s the overwhelming feeling I’ve had for the last 12-18 months, and the mood i wanted to convey in my first solo recording. I figured the EP would be called ‘Too Long In Flight’ and the subsequent album ‘Feathers Grow Heavy’. Probably an exercise fraught with danger to name an album before it’s written and recorded, but for now I’m sticking with it. But enough about the future… I’m very proud to announce the release of ‘Too Long In Flight’… My debut solo release and a prologue to those heavy feathers.
I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did (for the most part) creating. But of course I did not create it entirely alone… Thanks so much to Steve, Joe, Dave, Matt, Michael, Yuko and Cam for helping bring these songs to life. I owe you crazy big time.
And with that, goodbye for now. Hopefully catch you all at a show sometime soon.

Juan x



so…… just a quick note to introduce my first single, ‘like i never was at all’… it’s up on my sites etc now so hopefully you’ve had a chance to check it out and are digging it. I’ll be doing some shows to launch it so it’d be awesome to see you if you’re able to come along and help me celebrate my foray into solo land. Also the rest of the EP is almost done now, mainly just a few touch ups and mixing to go. It’ll be called ‘too long in flight’ and should see the light of day very early next year. I’ve taken the title from a line in the song ‘ambulance’ …”now i sit and wait through the night, like a weary bird too long in flight.”
I’m really happy with the way it’s turned out… steve, joe, dave, matt and michael did some amazing work on the songs, as did cam the producer. Guest vocalists Yuko Nishiyama and Krista Polvere lent me their beautiful voices too. I guess I’ve chosen ‘like i never was at all’ to go out first because i feel like its the most different from my work with Epicure and i felt that was important for my first solo release. I also feel like musically its close to the direction i’ll take when writing for the album… anyway… over and out for now. hope you’re liking the sounds i’ve been making, and that i can catch some of you at the upcoming shows.

Later alligator x


Like I Never Was At All is the 1st single from Juan’s debut solo recording.  It is released on Friday October 15th via iTunes and other digital stores.

Single launches are confirmed for Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Ballarat.