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hey there folks …

hey there folks…

Just a quick lil’ somethin’ to introduce my new single ‘Superhuman’… It’s another cut from the album I’m working on at the moment.  I really love the way this song turned out… all the peaceful defeat I could muster in the verses… and the wall of sound in the chorus’, which to me sound like the end of the world.  Like being hit by one of those tidal waves you see in disaster films.  Oh… and a horn section.  Listen with headphones and you’ll see what I mean.

Special thanks to Yuko and Brendan for once again lending me their exquisite vocal talents.  And to Dave Manton for his rare production genius.  I don’t say that lightly.  I couldn’t imagine recording the album with anyone else now.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the song… and that I see some of you at the single launch on April 29….

till then x

A Death in the Family

Hi there…  I Just wanted to say a few words to introduce my new single ‘A Death in the Family’. It’s out October 28th and is a little teaser for the album I’ve been working on, which should be released early next year.
I wrote the song earlier this year after a member of my partner’s family passed away. Lyrically it’s basically just a description of how events transpired. Little observations on how the family dealt with their loss, and how Philamena Hyland was farewelled. I feel a little conflicted about trivializing the event into a song but offer it up as a tribute to her and her family. The love and closeness of the family that I witnessed will stay with me forever.
I’m also aware that the Ballarat community recently lost someone who was a dear friend and mentor, the late Patrick O’Driscoll. I hope the timing of this song’s release doesn’t feel ill timed in that regard. In a recent conversation with my friend Dan, he remarked that it felt very strange that no musician in Ballarat would ever get to show Paddy any of their new songs again. Paddy was that kind of person to so many. The person who you wanted to show your new music to, to try to impress him, to get his feedback. To hear him say ‘the boy goes alright!’ His opinion and respect was so highly valued by everyone who knew him. Myself included. I hope that he can hear this new song wherever he is. If only to have a chuckle at my attempts to play the banjo.
R.I.P Paddy and Phil x

Sad songs rule …

So I’m heading out to do a few solo shows around Victoria in June and July … Testing out some new songs and hoping to get a feel for which of them I should record for the album.

At the moment I’m hoping to be recording soon, with a single out septemberish. The new material is pretty different… I’ve purposefully been trying to take my songwriting new places, which of course is irrelevant really, but the intent is there.

Some new song titles include ‘a death in the family’, ‘can’t live’, ‘hope like a fool (all made up)’, ‘insides’ and ‘gallows’. As u can imagine it’s all very cheerful … Although in a weird kinda way it is…? So please come along and check them out.

Some great guests, mostly picked by yours truly, and possibly some special guests up on stage for my set.

Sad songs rule,

Juan x

Too long in flight and these feathers grow heavy ..

Too long in flight and these feathers grow heavy… That’s the overwhelming feeling I’ve had for the last 12-18 months, and the mood i wanted to convey in my first solo recording. I figured the EP would be called ‘Too Long In Flight’ and the subsequent album ‘Feathers Grow Heavy’. Probably an exercise fraught with danger to name an album before it’s written and recorded, but for now I’m sticking with it. But enough about the future… I’m very proud to announce the release of ‘Too Long In Flight’… My debut solo release and a prologue to those heavy feathers.
I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did (for the most part) creating. But of course I did not create it entirely alone… Thanks so much to Steve, Joe, Dave, Matt, Michael, Yuko and Cam for helping bring these songs to life. I owe you crazy big time.
And with that, goodbye for now. Hopefully catch you all at a show sometime soon.

Juan x



so…… just a quick note to introduce my first single, ‘like i never was at all’… it’s up on my sites etc now so hopefully you’ve had a chance to check it out and are digging it. I’ll be doing some shows to launch it so it’d be awesome to see you if you’re able to come along and help me celebrate my foray into solo land. Also the rest of the EP is almost done now, mainly just a few touch ups and mixing to go. It’ll be called ‘too long in flight’ and should see the light of day very early next year. I’ve taken the title from a line in the song ‘ambulance’ …”now i sit and wait through the night, like a weary bird too long in flight.”
I’m really happy with the way it’s turned out… steve, joe, dave, matt and michael did some amazing work on the songs, as did cam the producer. Guest vocalists Yuko Nishiyama and Krista Polvere lent me their beautiful voices too. I guess I’ve chosen ‘like i never was at all’ to go out first because i feel like its the most different from my work with Epicure and i felt that was important for my first solo release. I also feel like musically its close to the direction i’ll take when writing for the album… anyway… over and out for now. hope you’re liking the sounds i’ve been making, and that i can catch some of you at the upcoming shows.

Later alligator x


Recording!  Going into the studio August 1st to begin work on my debut solo ep…  I have inexplicably been able to recruit some amazing musicians to play on it…  Steve, Joe, Dave and Matt from The Hello Morning … As well as Dan Houlihan and Mick Hubbard.  Wowza!


blogoshpere 1.0, reporting for duty etc etc…

I’ve built an igloo, on a glacier…on mars… and have based myself there to write and record my debut ep which should be out in september. the songs i’m recording are called ‘like i never was’, ‘circle the wagons’, ‘ambulance’, ‘let you go’ and ‘put me under’. I feel free for the first time in a long time. I can’t wait for you all to hear it.

i’m working on putting a band together to play on the ep… some pretty amazing musicians if it all turns out the way i hope… so stay tuned for more news on that.

thanks for signing up to my new adventure!

team edward. out.