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Universe – official video

So we made a clip for my new single Universe! Thanks so much to Cam Suttie and Adam Ghiggino for putting it together… And for not laughing me out of the room when I described how I wanted to bring Dr Pelican to life. Enjoy!
Juan xx

Universe – new single from Dr Pelican On Holiday!

Juan Alban - Universe‘Universe’ is the new single from the album ‘Dr Pelican On Holiday!’

The single is about the violent thoughts Juan has when things aren’t going his way, a direct contrast to his seemingly gentle and compliant nature.   He hopes one day he’ll develop the fortitude to stick up for himself.

You can check out the track on Soundcloud.  A video is also coming soon…

‘Bodies’ – out Friday August 16

Bodies is a song I started to write a few years ago as a reflection on past relationships of various types. The ‘bodies’ referred to in the song are those relationships which had ended badly leaving a legacy which has endured as years have passed. The ‘murder’ is more an emotional one, inflicted carelessly on those closest to us. Musically, it’s kind of an urgent folk/country shuffle with some lovely backing vocals from Yuko Nishiyama and Brendan Skinner. Steve Clifford of The Hello Morning also features on pedal steel.

Bodies - official audio

Dr Pelican on Holiday

One more day of recording to go folks!  Steven Clifford from The Hello Morning has added his pedal steel genius.  Brendan & Yuko’s sublime vocals are finished.  Stand by for a new single in the next  weeks and announcement of the album release date.


Recording & Queenscliff Festival

Juan is currently recording his debut album in Melbourne with producer Dave Manton. Some new songs include Bodies, Burn The Universe and Can’t Live.  A Death in the Family and Superhuman from the album sessions are available now and a new single is pencilled for later this year before the unveiling of the album early 2013.

In other news, Juan will be joining a stellar line up including Missy Higgins, Gurrumul, Something For Kate and Mia Dyson in November when he performs at the Queenscliff Music Festival.

hey there folks …

hey there folks…

Just a quick lil’ somethin’ to introduce my new single ‘Superhuman’… It’s another cut from the album I’m working on at the moment.  I really love the way this song turned out… all the peaceful defeat I could muster in the verses… and the wall of sound in the chorus’, which to me sound like the end of the world.  Like being hit by one of those tidal waves you see in disaster films.  Oh… and a horn section.  Listen with headphones and you’ll see what I mean.

Special thanks to Yuko and Brendan for once again lending me their exquisite vocal talents.  And to Dave Manton for his rare production genius.  I don’t say that lightly.  I couldn’t imagine recording the album with anyone else now.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the song… and that I see some of you at the single launch on April 29….

till then x

Superhuman …

Superhuman is the new single from singer/songwriter, Juan Alban.

Juan is currently recording his debut, solo album with producer David Manton. Superhuman is the second single release from the album sessions, following on from the 2011 release of ‘A Death in the Family’.

Superhuman is launched with one show only at The Toff In Town on April 29th before Juan heads back to the studio to continue recording.

Superhuman is out April 27th.

Listen at Soundcloud.

Watch on Youtube.

“Superhuman is about punching the clock.
It’s about treading water.
And unattainable aspirations.
Needing what feels like superhuman strength to get out of bed in the morning. Wishing u were immune to insecurity, jealousy etc.
Saving. Being saved.
Not feeling like you’re playing catch up all the time. One thing after another. Forever till you die. A moments rest. Legs that stumble. Lips that lie. Teeth that crumble at the bite. Superhuman.”


Juan is back in the studio recording with producer, Dave Manton.

The new single ‘Superhuman’ will be unveiled very soon along with some tour dates to announce.